By Audrey Stanton-Smith

One Sunday, a pastor wore an extra-large pair of underwear over his suit. He wasn’t preaching about Fruit of the Loom spirit or even about clothing oneself in the full armor of God. Rather, his unusual fashion choice served one purpose — to remind his congregation about Undies Sunday.

“The congregation said it was a hoot,” recalled Belinda Toms, executive director of Tyrand Cooperative Ministries. “He really got their attention.”

This year, Undie Sunday falls on Oct. 19th, and just as it has for more than two decades, the day serves as a reminder of the critical need for an often-overlooked donation — underwear.

All sizes of new boxers, briefs, underwear, T-shirts, thermal underwear, socks, and training pants will be collected for mission projects within the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Churches are asked to collect and then take the donations to their district office or to Heart+Hand Outreach Ministries at 212 D Street in South Charleston 10am-3pm Monday through Saturday or for Putnam County, 20 Radwin Drive, Monday through Thursday 9:30am-1pm. Heart+Hand distributes these undies to families in need at Back to School, Christmas, and with Clothing Voucher assistance. Heart+Hand can also pick up your donation by calling 304-342-0029.

“Underwear is kind of a staple,” Toms said. “It’s something we give out to clients, especially children who get toys at Christmas, along with gloves and toboggans. We give underwear to their parents, too.”