Thrift Store Vouchers

At Heart+Hand, we offer a program where clients seeking assistance in social services can apply for vouchers redeemable at our thrift store for clothing, household items, and furniture. This initiative serves as a crucial lifeline for individuals and families facing financial hardships, enabling them to access essential items with dignity and choice. What makes our program remarkable is its reliance on the generosity of the community, as it is entirely fueled by donations from individuals and organizations committed to supporting those in need. Through this collaborative effort, we not only provide practical assistance but also foster a sense of community solidarity and care.

Anyone in need is welcome to apply for a voucher to our South Charleston Thrift Store by simply reaching out to our local Social Services office. We believe in inclusivity and ensuring that assistance is accessible to all who require it. Whether individuals are facing temporary setbacks or ongoing challenges, we are here to support them on their journey towards stability and self-sufficiency.

How Do I Apply for Assistance?

Please be prepared to provide proof of your current address: Utility Bill, Medical Card, or WV ID.

Bring the name, birthday, social security number, proof of income and or DHHR/SNAP letter for everyone in the home. We ask for your Social Security number to help us verify your identity and ensure that you receive the social services you need, such as access to the food pantry. This number helps us keep accurate records and prevents fraud, ensuring that assistance goes to those who truly need it. Protecting your privacy and personal information is important to us, and we handle your Social Security number with the utmost care and confidentiality. Providing this number helps us streamline the process and ensure that you receive the support you deserve.

Please understand, we ask for your race and other related demographic information on assistance applications to better understand and serve the diverse communities we support. This information helps us ensure that resources are distributed equitably and that our programs effectively address the needs of all individuals and families. By collecting demographic data, including race, we can identify any disparities in access to food assistance and work towards creating more inclusive and fair services for everyone. Your participation in providing this information is greatly appreciated and helps us improve our efforts to combat hunger and promote food security for all.